Fitness Center

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Fitness Center

Fitness, Exercise, and Sports

Are you looking for activity classes which provide basic fitness information, and help you to make healthier lifestyle choices? 
Do you want to learn practical exercise skills and set personal fitness goals?

Fitness Center

If so, enroll in a fitness class. Physical fitness is not possible without regular exercise. Being physically active and eating well are examples of healthy lifestyle choices. Fitness activities can help you look good, feel good and enjoy life. You will observe changes in body fat levels, improve muscle development and increase your personal energy level. These changes help to create a stronger self-image. Physical activity has many more benefits, some include reducing risks of heart disease, hypertension, osteoporosis and obesity. The "Fitness movement" is more than a fad, regular exercise has become part of the daily routine for an increasing number of people. It's time for you to join in! You can start by enrolling in a fitness course offered by the Fitness, Exercise & Sports Department.

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The Department offers a variety of aerobic and strength training classes, with the potential of receiving a Fitness Minor.


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The mission of the Fitness, Exercise and Sports Department is to provide students the opportunity to gain specific knowledge pertaining to exercise and sport studies, practice a variety of movement skills, and uphold values that facilitate the attainment of autonomous behavior in lifetime fitness and wellness activities.

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